Manchester plumbers isolation valves

Manchester plumbers isolation valve

A big improvement over the years to being able to complete jobs in a faster time has been the introduction of the isolation valve or service valve. This little valve allows the water to be turned of to specific appliances or units for example the toilet feed, hot and cold feeds to taps can be turned of separately.

By having the option to isolate only the unit you are working on the house can still have water everywhere else meaning it does not have to come to a stop, On a busy day just to have the toilet or sink fixed. Another great benefit of having one of these valves installed before every unit is that in a emergency like a burst pipe or leaking pipe you don"t have to rush around finding the stop tap you can simply and easily stop the water at the isolation valve till help arrives.

If you would like some of these valves fitted to your existing appliances then give us a call. When installing new appliances we fit these as standard as they make a big difference for servicing or emergency situations.

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